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HVAC training in Oregon will be located in the northwest part of the United States which is also known as the The Beaver State. This state is temperate. During summer season, the average temperature runs up to 66ºF. These are the average temperatures in Oregon: January 33ºF, February 37ºF, March 41ºF, April 46ºF, May 53ºF, June 60ºF, July 66ºF, August 66ºF, September 59ºF, October 49ºF, November 39ºF, December 33ºF. The hot temperature merge with the humidity can create unpleasant and more warm feeling. Air conditioners are mostly used in specially in that moment. In my opinion, the need of HVAC technicians will increase. Same with cold season, for me, HVAC is still in need as they need heaters.

Here Are The Oregon Schools.

There are two schools in Oregon.

The first school is Institute of Technology Inc. It was located at 4700 Silverton Road NE, Salem, Oregon. No wonder why it only have 335 students compared to the second school. The tuition fee is about three times higher than the second school that cost $23,297. At Salem Riverfront, you can find a carousel. Bring your little brother and sister and have fun. The place also sell cute and wonderful gifts but it’s kinda expensive. You can spend time walking or dating with your love ones on the park.

The second school is Portland Community College which is situated at 12000 SW 49th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. Opposite to the first school, the number of student is about ten times more than the first school that reach 32411 students. The tuition fee is low that only cost $7,595 for each student per year. In 25 minutes from the school location, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area can be found at 50000 E Historic Columbia River Highway. It is a perfect place to have some walk in the morning. An exceptional view of the falls will also amaze you.

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